Monday, May 01, 2006

OOC: Sorry for not posting.

I just wanted to apologize for not posting lately. What has it been... over a week.

It is just that I have been pretty busy lately, I have also lost some interest in doing this. The reason being mainly due to my new Pit Bull mix, Jude. Before we got him, Max my Springer mix, was a couch potato. Sure we went for walks and played (when I/he was up to it). But now that Jude has joined the family, we go for walks everyday before work. And after work they (both dogs) play constantly for a couple hours. I join in sometimes when they let me.

And after they settle down I go and check out the Pit Bull forum I am part of. I then come here and read (almost) everyone's posts. By the time I have all that done it is way to late to post anything. So I just tell myself that I will post the next night..... but then the same thing happens again.

I was thinking that I could post during the weekends.... but NOOOOOOO. That didn't happen either. Reasons being Jude again. We are going to be finishing the fence around our yard so we can let the two dogs out and play without worrying about them running off. And we are also in the process of building a kennel for Jude, so we can keep him outside when we are gone for extended periods of time. And with building Jude's kennel we are also going to be building a patio in between both kennels.

Another thing is we are (and have to) sign him up for some obedience classes. It is not that he is a bad dog. In fact he is a just like a lot of dogs. He gets excited and jumps up on people, he pulls when he walks, and he wants to play with every dog and person he meets. But it is the fact he is a Pit Bull, and a lot of people are scared of them. So instead of having a over excited dog or even one that is half way trained, I have to have one that is extremely well behaved. One that will be a model example of the breed. Even then I know some people will still fear him. Kind of sad.... but true fact.

And to top it off I have to get ready for a garage sale that I will be having in a month. Which actually has nothing to do with Jude....

Well with all that said..... more then I wanted to. The reason I'm doing this post is to tell everyone I'm sorry. I know I have been slacking on my blog (post wise). But I promise I will try and post on a more regular basis.... even if it means putting off the pit bull forum until I'm done. I will try my hardest to get this story finished. Because it has gone on a lot longer then I wanted it too. It would have normally been a couple of weeks of so if I posted everyday, or every other day. But as you know it has dragged on to be months....and still they are not rescued.

If anyone wants to help out with the rescue (crosspost) just E-mail me and I can see what can be done to fit you into the story. Also if you have any ideas for the rescue(s) let me know.... that part is still a bit sketchy. I have some ideas for it but am will to change them to make it more interesting.

One more thing before I go.... I redid my template for all three of my blogs. This one, NOEL'S, and HOLG'S. Holgs still needs some work, and I truly love this one (Zebb's). Let me know what you think.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the blog, wish i could have somthing like this myself.

As for posting I read post everyother day.

I have set specific time to write.

Only way I get it done myself

7:08 AM  
Blogger Wedge Antillies said...

Nice job iwth the template. I may need to 'borrow' this style.

9:20 AM  
Blogger Vegeta said...

I like the template, good Luck with Jude.

12:44 AM  

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