Saturday, May 20, 2006

It's not over yet.

Continued from HERE.

The crew watched the ship as it was being destroyed. Then the captain ordered a missile to destroy what was left. A young control officer who was flying the ship noticed someone run from out of the ship.

"Sir, WAIT!" Said the young officer, "I see someone."

"Not now,.... FIRE." Shouted the captain.

"Now what was it you were saying?" Asked the captain as it turned to the officer.

"I was just going to say that I seen someone running near the ship. But now it is to late." He said as he looked out the window as the ship blew up.

"It was probably just one of those THINGS." Said the captain.

"It didn't look like one...." He said. He was still looking out of the window.

"Sir." Said an older officer, "There seems to be someone down there."

"Where?" Asked the captain.

"Down there by the rock." Said the older officer.

The captain looked through the window, the smoke cleared just enough to see a body slumped next to a large rock. The sun glistened off metallic limbs. "It is just a droid."

"No it's not, Sir." Said the older officer, as he looked at a monitor.
"What ever it is has a life signature."

"Are you sure?" Asked the captain looking over the shoulder of the officer at a monitor.

"Yes, Sir." He said as he pointed to the monitor. "See here, it has a heart beat and a heat signature that isn't like a droid. What ever is down there, it is alive."

The captain looked back out the window.

"Sir, what do you want us to do?" Asked an officer.

The captain didn't answer, and the crew sat there and watched him. He looked like he was in deep thought.

He wasn't sure what to do. If left alone this thing would surly die. But if it did happen to live it may turn him in, and he didn't want that. He thought he could send down a group to destroy to body, but he, himself didn't like killing the innocent. He hated the Rodian's, because of what they did to his family. And Kloddo agreed to their destruction. So he would do the only decent thing he could think of doing.

"Land the ship." He said.

"You want me to do WHAT, Sir?" Asked the young control officer.

"You heard me." He said, glaring at him. "I said land the ship. You four will go out and collect that body, and take it to the medical bay." He said turning to other crew member

"Yes, Sir." Said all four together.

As then men left, the captain grabbed the young officer. "Don't you EVER question me again. When I say to do something it is done with a 'Yes Sir'. DO YOU hear me." He yelled to the officer.

"Yes, Sir." Said the young officer, and proceeded to land the ship.

"If you ever do that again, I will make sure you NEVER work again, UNDERSTAND!" He said just before he left the room.

"Yes, Sir. I completely understand, Sir. It will never happen again, Sir." He said, as the ship landed back on the ground.

By the time the captain made it down to the medical bay, the body was all ready there. He sent a message to the control room, to take off and head towards the destination point.

He looks at the body, it looks real bad. He askes the medical droid who was working on it. "Is it still alive?"

"Yes she is still alive, and she is stable." Said the droid and continued saying in its monotoned voice. "She is lucky that her body is mostly mechanical. That is what saved her."

"So she will live?" He asked.

"Yes she will. She looks a lot worse then she really is. The worst was this metal rod that was embedded into her side." It said as it held up a rod with one of its many hands. "It hit no organs. She does have some glass and metal fragments embedded into her skin on her chest and face. She also has severe burns to her back and side, And she has a large amount of blood loss. But she will make a full recovery with some time."

As the droid was speaking, the captain was thinking that he reconized this body. He took his hand and wiped the dust off her face. As soon as he seen blue fur he knew. This was Noel, the owner of Sky City.

Now what is supposed to do. Kloddo wanted her gone, and the Rodian's were supposed to do it. Now he had to dispose of the body. Just then the droid stopped talking.

"That's good." Was all he could say. He couldn't kill her, he had no grudge against her. He would think of what to do with her later. Right now she needed help. "Just do what ever is necessary to make her better"

To be continued....

Saturday, May 13, 2006


Continued from HERE.

Zebb is put into a holding cell. This room is a bit bigger then the one on the other ship. It has a small sink and toilet in the corner like the other one. But this one has a small shower and bunk type beds. It even has towels and a change of clothes sitting on a shelf above the toilet. It kind of reminds him of a normal crew members type room.

As the droid leaves Zebb gets his own motor controls back. He runs to the door and starts to yell "Don't destroy the ship." Over and over again. Suddenly, as the ship lift off the ground Zebb notices a window. He runs over to it and looks out. He can see the Rodian's ship.

He watches what looks like a bomb on the inside take apart the whole front section. The ship he is on suddenly starts to fire at the damaged ship. Bit by bit the ship is destroyed. Zebb can feel the crazy sadness whell up in side him. He screams out "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"......

All of a sudden something catches his eyes, A living being. It is trying to climb out of a hole in the side of the nearly demolished ship. As the smoke clears for a second he sees that it is Noel. He watches in amazement as she frees herself from the ship. Her clothes are smoking and she looks a little bit hurt. For one second he is so relieved. She is free..... but that second ends way to soon.

While she was running away from the wreckage it explodes, sending Noel flying through the air. She was stopped by a rock and was face on when the blast hit her. Then he lost sight of her, due to the smoke and dust that filled the air. After a few seconds, (for Zebb it seemed a lot longer) the dust settles enough for him to see her. She is slouched to the side of the rock. Blood coveres her body, her clothes are torn apart, and she seemes to have a rather long pole sticking out of her side. He watches her for any sign of movement... she never moves.

He knows she is gone..... forever. He falls to the floor and startes to weep.

To be continued........

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Don't fear death.

Continued from HERE.

As the ship approaches the captain tell one of his droids to get Zebb.

Zebb, who knows the ship has landed, waits. He is unsure of what will happen once that door opens and they come and take him out. He has thought of escaping several times. But he can't for several reasons. The main reason is he just... can't, not with that damn chip. Another reason is Noel... he can't just leave her. He knows she is still on the ship, true he has yet to see her. But he has these feelings that she is really close.

As Zebb mind wanders the door of his room opens and a droid enters. Zebb stands up ready to do what he can... but once again he can't move. The droid approaches and puts some force cuffs on his wrists. Then Zebb follows, unwillingly. The chip must have motor power over him. He is so frustrated as he walks out of the room. Here he wants to run and scream, maybe even pull a few wires out of the droid. But he can't, all he can do is follow it. Zebb approaches the door of the ship and the droid tells him to stay there. All he can think is "What the hell, I can't move even if I wanted to." Zebb can see a couple Rodian's waiting outside.

The captain and his brother wait outside their ship as the other one proceeds to land. Once the ship lands and the dust settles, they can make out a Human in a long robe. The Human approaches as asks to see the prisoner.

The Captain yells over his shoulder to the droid just inside his ship, "Show the prisoner."

The droid looks at Zebb and tell him to move. He walks outside and stops right behind the two Rodian's. As he comes out he can hear one of them say "We have your prisoner, now where is our money?"

The human opens a container and show the Rodian's, it is filled with coins and bills.
Happily the Rodians take the container, and hand over Zebb. They also give the human some type of remote.

Now Zebb is in the hands of others. He tries so hard to fight the chip. He wants to fight and yell. Most of all he don't want to leave Noel. He just can't, inside he is going crazy with anger and grief. But outside he just follows the human into his ship.

Once inside the human turns to a droid and tell it to put Zebb into the holding cell. He then over hears the human telling another to get the ship ready for take off. And he also says, "Once the ship is in the air, detonate the bomb. And destroy anything that is left over. I don't want anything that may be traced back to us, UNDERSTAND."

After that Zebb can't hear anything more. He feels his heart breaking....

Meanwhile back on the Rodian's ship, Noel can tell the ship has landed. She sits and wonders what is going on. She can feel a familiar presents come near and eventually leave.

She knew Zebb was aboard the ship and held as a prisoner much like herself. But why, she still has yet to find out. She can feel him fighting to get away. She can feel his grief and anger. And she too is sad she never got a chance to say good bye. She knows she will be next off the ship. But she don't fear it. She starts to think "Why fear death, it is nature, it eventually happens to everyone. I'm happy I had a chance to live this long. I should have died along time ago. But someone out there must likes me and wanted to save me for something more. That is why I'm still around. But what has I done to make this galaxy a better place. True I opened up a great resort. But other then that I haven't done anything to important, so why is my time now....

As her mind wanders, she hears a huge explosion. She falls to the floor and ship starts the shake violently. Then her room is ripped apart, the door blows off and debris and smoke enters it.

Noel lays on the floor for a few seconds trying to regain her senses. She then slowly get up and looks around. Her room is filled with smoke, but she can see that the door is gone. She carefully walks out and looks around. The area where the control room was is nothing but a burning heap of metal. All of a sudden she feels the ship shake again. And the area not to far from her starts to blow up. This is when she realized the ship was being fired at. Noel turned around and ran as fast as she could. Chucks of metal were every where and fires burned through out. With smoke stinging in her eyes she made her way through what was left of the ship, trying to find some type of exit.

As she runs down the hall dodging debris caused by weapon fire, she sees a small opening near the end. She ran to it and starts to pull away at the burning metal. She looks through the hole and sees sunlight. Pulling away some more debris, she makes the hole big enough for her to fit through. As she squeeze through she could feel the ship caving in around her. She looked up and sees a ship firing at close range. With one last pull she is free, but she is hurt. The hot metal burned her back and chest area. But this didn't stop her from running away from the ship. However she didn't get to far.

The ship that was firing, equipped a missile to finish the job. Once it hit the target the ship was completely destroyed, sending bit and pieces every where. Noel who was still close to the ship was hit with flying debris and glass. She was thrown several feet. Once she hit the ground, she slid several more feet and hit a huge rock. Debris hit her with such force it cut though her clothes and into her skin.

Once everything settles, Noel is laying against a rock she is covered in dust and blood. She is barely conscious. She is in so much pain she can't move. She looks down and sees that her clothes are torn to shreds and pieces of glass and metal are embedded into her skin. She also has a two foot pole sticking out of her side. She then goes unconscious.

Her last thought was, "So this is how my life ends...."

To be continued.....

Saturday, May 06, 2006

More waiting...

Continued from HERE.

Two days pass and the Rodian's made their way to a desolate planet called Utapau. They have landed their ship at the meeting point, away from the sinkholes and cities. And they wait....

On the ship everyone is getting restless. They have never delt with a man such as Kloddo Mortaniss. Kloddo was known for being unfair, and he killed plenty of men for no reason. The Rodian's were not sure what was going to happen. But that's the risk you take being a bounty hunter. Death around every corner. They hoped they would be the lucky ones and get out alive. And if they did, the payment will be well worth it. Enough money to pay off debits and never have to worry about work again. That is why they took the job.

The crew of about 12 Rodian's were all related, a family group of brothers and uncles. Being bounty hunters was the only life they knew. Yes it was dangerous, but it put food on the table for their families back home. And with this one last job they could all retire happily, and never have to fear another day at work.

But they had no idea why Kloddo was willing to pay so much for one man. What was his reason. This guy must have done something pretty bad. And as for the female cyborg, she was just an extra. Some fellow who was working with them on the resort wanted her out of the picture. They only met him once, after the attack. Other then that, all they had were some secure calls,updating them on the progress, from him. Kloddo himself must have hired him to infiltrate the resort and get in as close as possible to the two prisoners.

The attack on Sky City was just a decoy. They needed everyone to panic and flee the ship. That is when they picked up Noels ship. Zo-loc escaped to the planets surface. But they knew if they had Noel, Zo-Loc will come and 'save' her. And this planed worked remarkably well. Once Noel's ship was aboard their transport vessel they filled the room with a sleeping gas. Everyone fell asleep, except the infiltrator, who had placed a special mask on to help them breath. He then told the Rodian's what to do. First they kept the crew asleep, and had implanted fake memories in several. They took Noel and placed her into a holding cell. After she awoke she put up one hell of a fight, that is until they put a neutralizer chip on her to keep her at bay. Now all she seems to do is meditate. It is almost as if her spirit was broken.

After a few days this new guy told the Rodian's to release the crew. He joined them and and told the Rodian's to stay close, once he was off the ship he disappeared. But they knew he was close. He then must have contacted the Resort with an urgent S.O.S. And soon enough Zo-Loc along with some trooper came to the rescue. The troopers gave up easily, Zo-Loc wasn't as easily shaken. And since he didn't think they could see him, he stayed close, that was until they ordered one of the droid piloted fighters to collide with him just enough to shut down the cloaking devise.

Once he was visible all they had to do was pick him up. Once they got him aboard the ship, they sent out some droids to get him. He shot down all but one of the droids. One that was programmed to hide near the ship and knock him out, which it did. After they had Zo-Loc they boarded a smaller ship, and destroyed the transport vessel. That way nobody can trace them. So far it was been a fool proof plan.....

Just then a large ship appears in the distance, coming towards them.

To be continued....

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Several weeks later

Continued from HERE.

Several weeks have passed, Zebb and Noel are still aboard the Rodian's ship.

Zebb has had very little contact with any of the crew since he was captured. The only thing that ever comes into his room is the droids to give him some food and clean up the place. Zebb is restless wondering what is going on, but the droids will never answer him. And he wonders about Noel all the time. He knows she is still alive and she is still on the ship. He can sense it, it is like she talks to him, assuring him everything will be all right. And when he sleeps he dreams about her all the time. But yet he still misses her and wants to see her.

Meanwhile in another part of the ship. The crew meets up.

"Captain, how long are we going to wait here? It has been weeks since we heard from the boss." Asked one of the crew members.

"Pacient's, He will contact us when he is ready". Said the Captain, and went back to reading his book.

"But sir, could we at least head over to Geonosis and give them the cyborg."

"We don't go anywhere till we get word from the boss... understand."

"Yes, I do understand. But she has been refusing to eat and she seems to be getting weak. You know they won't give us nothing if she is dead."

"Hummm..... "

Just then, they receive an incoming message. The captain gets up and turns on the holoemitter.

The figure of Kloddo appears. "I am ready for the delivery. Meet my men here, in two days. They will pay you for the prisoner and a little extra for being so pacient."

"Thank you sir." Says the captain as the image disappears....

To be continued....

Monday, May 01, 2006

OOC: Sorry for not posting.

I just wanted to apologize for not posting lately. What has it been... over a week.

It is just that I have been pretty busy lately, I have also lost some interest in doing this. The reason being mainly due to my new Pit Bull mix, Jude. Before we got him, Max my Springer mix, was a couch potato. Sure we went for walks and played (when I/he was up to it). But now that Jude has joined the family, we go for walks everyday before work. And after work they (both dogs) play constantly for a couple hours. I join in sometimes when they let me.

And after they settle down I go and check out the Pit Bull forum I am part of. I then come here and read (almost) everyone's posts. By the time I have all that done it is way to late to post anything. So I just tell myself that I will post the next night..... but then the same thing happens again.

I was thinking that I could post during the weekends.... but NOOOOOOO. That didn't happen either. Reasons being Jude again. We are going to be finishing the fence around our yard so we can let the two dogs out and play without worrying about them running off. And we are also in the process of building a kennel for Jude, so we can keep him outside when we are gone for extended periods of time. And with building Jude's kennel we are also going to be building a patio in between both kennels.

Another thing is we are (and have to) sign him up for some obedience classes. It is not that he is a bad dog. In fact he is a just like a lot of dogs. He gets excited and jumps up on people, he pulls when he walks, and he wants to play with every dog and person he meets. But it is the fact he is a Pit Bull, and a lot of people are scared of them. So instead of having a over excited dog or even one that is half way trained, I have to have one that is extremely well behaved. One that will be a model example of the breed. Even then I know some people will still fear him. Kind of sad.... but true fact.

And to top it off I have to get ready for a garage sale that I will be having in a month. Which actually has nothing to do with Jude....

Well with all that said..... more then I wanted to. The reason I'm doing this post is to tell everyone I'm sorry. I know I have been slacking on my blog (post wise). But I promise I will try and post on a more regular basis.... even if it means putting off the pit bull forum until I'm done. I will try my hardest to get this story finished. Because it has gone on a lot longer then I wanted it too. It would have normally been a couple of weeks of so if I posted everyday, or every other day. But as you know it has dragged on to be months....and still they are not rescued.

If anyone wants to help out with the rescue (crosspost) just E-mail me and I can see what can be done to fit you into the story. Also if you have any ideas for the rescue(s) let me know.... that part is still a bit sketchy. I have some ideas for it but am will to change them to make it more interesting.

One more thing before I go.... I redid my template for all three of my blogs. This one, NOEL'S, and HOLG'S. Holgs still needs some work, and I truly love this one (Zebb's). Let me know what you think.