Friday, April 21, 2006

The past.

Continues from HERE.

Couple hours later....

Zebb is laying on the bed thinking about all that was just said. He is also thinking about his past that he so desperately tried to hide....

Several years ago he was know as Zo-Loc. He had a pretty decent life living on Tatooine. That all changed one night when he was heading home from his job. It was late and he was walking down a empty street. He was about a block from his house when this drunk guy grabbed him and pulled him into an alley. This guy was carrying what looked like a knife of some sort. He demanded Zebb (Zo-Loc) to give him all his money. When Zo-Loc told him he had none, the drunk started yelling and swinging the knife around. One thing led to another and they started fighting..... it ended up with this drunk guy laying face first in the dirt DEAD. It was an accident, he basically passed out and fell on the knife.

Normally when something like this happens everyone just ignores it and life goes on. But not this time. It so happened that this drunk was the brother of a very notorious criminal named Kloddo Mortaniss. And Kloddo was not very happy with his brothers death. He took Zebb through the court system and they found him innocent. He was so mad when they claimed it was only an accident, he wanted Zo-Loc to pay for what he did. So since the courts wouldn't do nothing about it he took matters into his own hands. He hired bounty hunters to kill him, but Zebb always seemed to get away.

Finally one day (while hiding) Zo-Loc decided to fake his death, change his name, and move somewhere far away. One of his old friends had contacts and he was able to pull it off. So while Zo-Loc died in a shuttle crash, Zebb was born and working on a transport vessel.

Things seemed to be going good, Kloddo fell for it and stopped hunting Zo-Loc. And Zebb was able to live in peace.

How Kloddo found out after all these years is still unknown. All Zebb knows is that he is still mad after all these years and wants pay back....

Zebb finally falls into a restless sleep.

Meanwhile, in a nearby room Noel is in a meditative state..... her mind reaches out.... out over the stars..... to a friend...... a friend who maybe able to help.

To be continued......

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The meeting

Continued from here.

Right after the droid leaves Zebb is able to move again. The back of his neck tingles at the spot of the chip. As he sits up he reaches back and touches it. He once again tries to remove it but it seem to be attached inside somehow, and it hurts really bad when he pulls on it. So he decides to leave it alone.

He gets up and looks at the plate of food. It looks like burnt mush, but he is so hungry he scoops a couple spoonfuls into his mouth. And realizes it tastes as bad as it looks. He pushes the plate aside and picks up a mug of water and drinks all of that to help the food go down. He goes back and sits on the bed to wait for the ones who are in charge. He don't have to wait very long.

Just as he sat down the door opened again. This time two Rodians came in, one carrying a blaster and the other was unarmed. The one with the blaster stood by the door as the other approached Zebb.

"Zebb, is it?" asked the Rodian.

"What the hell is going on, I demand to know," yelled Zebb angrily. "And where is Noel?" He got up and approached the Rodian and was about to hit him. But then he stopped short and was unable to move again.

The Rodian chuckled and said to a confused Zebb. "Now you don't want to do that, now do you!" He held up what looks like a remote of some sort. "See this, this controls you. That is why you are unable to move.... it is so you don't try and escape from us."

Zebb looks at him angrily and asked, "what is it that you want?"

"You," said the Rodian. "Ohhh and that freak girl friend of yours. What's her name again, ohh yes Noel."

"But WHY?" Asked Zebb.

"Well, we were hired to capture you," said the Rodian. "Noel is something we want for ourselves. We plan on selling her to the Geonosians. They want to study her, and will pay a us a lot for her."

Zebb angered boiled inside him. He wanted to tear that little creature apart limb by limb. But he was unable too. "I know she is alive! Where is she, I want to see her."

"See her, that won't be po.....hummmm well maybe I could just show you a holo image of her." He pulled out a holo emitter and held it in the palm of his hand. A small blue image appeared on his hand. She was sitting on a bed and it looked like she was meditating.

Zebb looked at the image and smiled a little. It made him feel a little better knowing she was okay.

The Rodian turned off the emitter. "Happy now!"

Zebb just gave him a dirty look.

"Guess not," said the Rodian. "Ohhhh yeah I almost forgot, the one who hired me wants to talk to you. He pushed a couple buttons on the holo emitter and set it on the floor. A image of human appeared.

"Kloddo Mortaniss!!!" Said an angry Zebb. "Why am I not surprised you were the one in charge of all this."

"Zebb, or should I call you Zo-Loc", said the image. "You thought you could hide from me forever, didn't you? Well guess what I found you and you are going to pay for what you did."

"It was already proven I didn't do anything." Said Zebb.....

To be continued....

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Continued from HERE.

Zebb wakes up on the floor of a small room. He slowly opens his eyes and wonders what had happened. He then realized he was hit in the back of the head with some hard object and knocked out. He reaches around and he touches the back of his head. He feels a lump and some dried blood. Then his hand grazes something on the back of his neck. It feels like some kind of metal chip or a sensor of some sort. He tries to pull it off, but it hurts..... so he leaves it. He then slowly gets to his feet and he starts to feel wooozy. So he then stumbles over to a nearby bed and sits down. He sits there for a few minutes with his hands cupped over his face. He feels like he was ran over by a stampeding bantha.

After a few minutes he starts to feel a bit better. He looks up and checks out the room. It is pretty small and has a small bed with a blanket and a pillow. There is also a sink and a toilet is the opposite corner. He realizes he is in some type of holding cell.

He gets up and makes his way over to the door. It don't open..... So he decided to pound on it and see if someone outside will hear. He wants to find out what is going on and where is Noel. He wants ANSWERS.

He keeps pounding on it for a full minute (well to him it seemed longer). He gives up and goes back and sit on the bed. As he sits there he lets his mind wander. He starts thinking about Noel and if she was alright. He then felt something in his heart..... it was almost like what he felt like after their first kiss..... this made him happy and made him believe she was alright and not that far away. He layed down and kept his mind focused on that feeling......

Several hours later....

Zebb wakes up again with the sound of the door opening. He tries to get up, but realizes he can't move, he seems to be parilized. He lays there unsure of what is going on. He is helpless . But all it is droid, bringing in a plate of food. The droid says nothing as it enters the room. It says nothing as it places the plate of food on a shelf, then it heads back to the door. Just before it leaves it turns around and say "My masters will be here to talk with you shortly".....

To be continued.....

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Continued from HERE.

Zebb was helpless, his ship was dead and it was entering the enemy transport ship. He didn't have any time to think, before the door of his ship opened up and several hooded beings with blasters appeared.

Zebb quickly grabbed his own blaster and started to shoot. He managed to get the ones that had entered..... but there may be more out side. He stood there with his blaster in hand, waiting for more to enter. But there wasn't any more.

After a minute he carefully made his way over the bodies and to the door. He peaked out and saw that the docking bay was empty.

Strange, he thought.

He carefully walked out with his blaster still raised. He walked around his ship to check out the other side..... nothing.

All of a sudden he heard a noise behind him..... then it went black.

To be continued.......