Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Fight part 2

Continued from here.

As Zebb approached the area where the clones were fighting the enemies, he seen things were looking pretty bad.

Zebb: "Commander I have found the Lone Star. They some how managed to escape. I have sent them to safety in a nearby system. Everyone is accounted for except Noel. She still is on that transport ship."

Commander: "We have to retreat, our weapons are useless against their shields. And I have already lost three men. I can't risk my troops to save ONE person. You should be happy that the others are okay."

Zebb: "HAPPY..... How can I be happy. Noel is still on that ship. I don't know if you clones have ever loved anyone before? But I LOVE her and I will give anything to save her."

Commander: "That's suicide..... you can't take on all these fighters alone. Your ship isn't even equipped with weapons. I will NOT let you do that."

Zebb: "Watch me....."

The Commander stares is disbelief as Zebb's ship disappears from both sight and radar.

Zebb:"You can retreat, I have a plan, and I will be coming back with Noel or I will die trying."

Commander: "Fine it's your life...... MEN RETREAT."

Zebb sat there and watched the troopers as they took off into hyper speed. The enemy fighters gave a small pursuit, but were soon called back.

He didn't really have a plan, but he wasn't about to leave Noel. And he had plenty of energy for several weeks. Plus there was no way they could detect him. He would follow them in hopes they would land somewhere, sometime. Or until he came up with a decent plan.

But then it happened.

As one of the enemy fighter was coming back (really fast), Zebb was unable to get out of the way completely. And the two ships collided. The impact caused him to hit his head, in turn caused him to pass out. When he came to he was still in his ship. But the transport ship had a tractor beam on him, and it was slowly pulling his ship towards it........

To be continued......

Monday, March 20, 2006

The fight......

Continued from HERE.

Zebb rushes down where his ship is held. He runs into a group of clones along the way.

Clone commander: "Sir, where are you going."

Zebb: "I'm coming with you."

Clone commander: "I don't think that would be a good idea , sir."

Zebb: "Why not!!!!!." He said getting angry."

Clone commander: "Well you haven't had much sleep in weeks, and I can't risk getting you killed, sir."

Zebb: "Hell with sleep, I'm fine." He yelled. "I AM coming with if you like it or not, Noel is a very close and personal friend of mine. I have to know where she is and if she is all right."

Clone commander: "Okay.... you can come with, but stay back in case a fight breaks out."

Zebb: "Fine.... but I am more then capable of taking out a few star fighter."

Zebb follows the clones to a private docking bay...

An hour later.

Zebb and the clones approach the location of where the Lone Star was supposed to be.

Clone 1: "Commander I have what looks like a transport ship on the radar, but there is no sign of the Lone Star."

Commander: "Strange..... they should be here." He said looking at his own radar. "But......." He said trailing off. Out from the transport ship came several star fighters.

While the clones were fighting the enemies Zebb, who was still a ways off scanned for the Lone Star himself. He knew they were hiding somewhere nearby, with help from the cloaking device Noel had installed. He himself had one on his ship too. With special scanning equipment he found them.And he was just about to go to them, when all of a sudden the Lone Star appeared in front of him. That was the only problem with the scanning equipment, there was a slight delay. He then got a call.

Zin: "Ohhhh thank the stars....we were begining to worry that you never got the message."

Zebb: "I need to know if everyone is okay..... and if Noel is on board."

Zin: "Everyone is okay sir. And....ummmmm Noel is still on that transport ship. That's why we wouldn't leave, sir."

Zebb: "What you left her on that ship. How could you."

Zin: "Sir we had no choice..... she told us to leave, she said she would find another way. But I guess they found her before she could escape."

Zebb: "You can explain later. I want you to get out of here. I will go back and see what I can do to help."

Zin: "Okay sir..... be careful."

The Lone Star headed out to the safety of a nearby system. And Zebb went back to get Noel. He was determined to get her back.... or he would die trying.

To be continued.......

Thursday, March 16, 2006

The message.

Continued from HERE,

Zebb sits up and tells the clones to patch the message to his room. He reaches for the holoemitter and turns it on. A image of Zan (one of the missing) appears.

"Captain, Ohhhhh I hope you get this. I can't talk long, we may be found. We need help! And we ask for assistance. Here is our location. Please hurry, our energy is depleting fast......." Message gets fuzzy and stops.

Zebb calls down to the secondary control room. "I'm sending you the location of the Lone Star. I believe they are in trouble. I want you to get your men together. And HURRY".

Voice over comlink "Alright sir."

Zebb gets up and dressed in less then five minutes. He don't care what they say, he is going with them. He needs to know what is going on and if Noel is okay.

Meanwhile on the Lone Star.

Zin turns off the holo cam. "I really hope they got that. To bad I didn't have time to tell him about Noel" Zin sits down next to Logan.

"I sure she is fine." Said Logan "She freed us, I'm sure she will be able to get off the ship herself." They look out the window to what looks like some sort of transport ship.

"How's the energy holding up?" Asked Zin.

"Ummm, we have at least five more hours sir," said Logan. "After that we will be sitting ducks." He gave Zin a worried look.

Zin gets up and looks back at the others, who have fallen asleep. "I'm sure we will be just fine." Looks back out the window.......

To be continued......

Monday, March 13, 2006

Alittle news.... but still no Noel.

Ohhhhh man were do I start.

Well to start off...I'm sorry I haven't updated. I have been so busy with everything. Setting up search parties, and getting the ship repaired. It will be some time before the resort opens back up. And since most of the crew quarters have been destroyed by the fires or the bomb blasts, we have been sleeping in the hotel area.

Well actually I haven't slept since the attack. But I plan on TRYING to get some sleep tonight. I have some clones helping out with everything now, so at least I have some of the load off my shoulders. I don't know if I will sleep at all though. I have so much on my mind right now, especially Noel.

We still have yet to find her ship, or even her personally. We have scanned every crevice on the planets surface. Sadly we have found other ships that have crashed, with no survivors. At least most of them were droids. But we have found no trace of Lone Star. We have even searched areas of space.... in case she was blown out when the hull blew open. But again.... nothing, we did find some droids, and several unlucky beings.

So the body count increases.

So basically we have account for everyone/thing. Except Noel, her ship, and about 10 others. We are thinking that they are together. Because most of those who are missing, were working in the main control room when the ship was attacked.

Hummmmm..... I am getting seriously tired. I guess all I had to do was sit down for awhile. So I better go before I start to wake up again.


An hour later a voice comes over the comlink.


*No answer.*

Clone:*a little louder*, "SIR, are you awake?"

Zebb:"zz.....huuuuhhhh, uhhhhh, yeah what is it."

Clone:"Sorry to wake you Sir, but we have just receive a message. And I think you may want to see it."

Zebb:"Who is it from."

Clone:"It's from the Lone Star, Sir."

To be continued..........

Friday, March 10, 2006

No news.

This is so bad. Sky City has been attacked, bombs have taken out the upper section of the ship. And Noel is still missing. I don't know what to do.... and there is so much I HAVE to do.

I feel like falling apart, but I have to keep it together. I..... just ...... can't ..... believe this is happening. I don't want to fear the worst..... Noel IS still alive...... she has to be..... she can't...... be...... DEAD!!!

Tears start to sting his eyes.

I have to keep it together..... I just have to.......

He starts to sob......"Ohhhh PLEASE let her be alive"

I have to go...... before...... I ...... completely

He starts to sob even more. Then anger builds up inside him.....

I will KILL those monsters who did this, they will pay........

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The truth....

Wow, I almost forgot about this.

I have been so busy the past couple of weeks I haven't even had time to think about posting SORRY.

Well, I am finally caught up with the paper work, I think I need my own co-captain. After spending a few wonderful days with Noel, I got way behind on work. But it was well worth it.

Ohhhhh, and just to set the record straight Noel and I didn't do anything that night I stayed at the hotel with her. I know people are talking, but NOTHING happened.

Here is what really happened:

After we got back to the hotel, she invited me in.... and I did go in. We talked some mostly about the houses. We then sat in the hot tub for awhile. We did kiss a little well actually a lot, But nothing happened beyond that, I swear. Mainly because we just started dating I don't want to rush things, and because we're not sure if we can..... mate together.

After the hot tub we decided to rent a couple movies off the holovision. I fell asleep half way through the second movie. When I awoke a couple hours later, Noel was sleeping with her head on my shoulder. I got up and placed her in her bed, she is a very heavy sleeper . It was extremely late and I didn't feel like going all the way back to the resort. So I layed down on the couch she had in her room.

That is what happened.

And I have to admit I had a lot of fun with her. Even if all we did was look at houses. I just like being with her.

Dang..... have to take a call.