Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I'm back.

Well I'm back at work, and have only a few minutes to post tonight. I have a ton of stuff to get done.

The visit with my family was worth it. It has been a long time since I seen them and I'm glad I decided to stop. I will have to tell you all about it some other time.

The reason I wanted to post tonight, is because I'm taking Noel out tomorrow. I'm not sure what we are going to do. But that's the fun of it, we can do what ever, just wing it I guess. I do however have a nice place picked out for lunch. I really hope this works out..... I really like her, and I .........I just hope it works out.

Well I have a lot to do.....

Good Night.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Still hope...

Well I told her....kind of.

I told her that I like her and that I want to take her out sometime.

I'm sure you read all about it in her I won't go into any detail with that.

I am a little disappointed about her wanting to see the other guys.

First of all, I could kill Scott for what he did to her. I don't care if he just went through a bad break up. That gives him no right to do or tried to do to her. I would never do that.... no matter what. I would give her her own choices. And I would NEVER flirt with another female when I'm with her.

Arrrrggggg I'm just so angry even thinking about it.

Lets move on to Jomb...

Jomb wasn't that bad. I can understand why he wanted to leave, and I respect that. But why does he tease her so. She had finally gotten over him... and now he's back again....but for how long.

And when he leaves, she will be completely heart broken AGAIN. And I hate seeing her like that. But at least this time she will have hold her

Hummmm that don't sound to bad......

Maybe I'll just have to try harder to win her over. I'll take her out, show her a good time, and be myself. And I'm sure she will fall for me when she is ready.

Ohhh and on a side note, I will be back at Sky City within the next couple of days. I decide to stop by Klatooine (my home world), to visit with my family. It has been fun, but I actually miss the resort and all my friends there, especially Noel.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My plan...

I have decided that I WILL tell her. Since I am still stuck on Coruscant till Thursday (another meeting), I won't be able to take her out tomorrow.

I do however plan on sending her 2 dozen red roses, a box of the finest chocolates, and a Valentines day card.

I hope she gets the idea that I like her. I will also try and contact her to tell her personal. Even if I have to leave a message, I will tell her.

Right now I am so nervous I can't sleep. I just hope that date with Scott turned out bad.

I HOPE..... I HOPE...... I HOPE.......

Monday, February 13, 2006

This sucks....

This totally sucks.

I'm stuck here on Coruscant on business, and I find out Noel is out of the house. And to make matters worse she has a date with that Scott guy.

I want to see her so bad, tell her how I feel. Now I may have lost that chance....forever.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


I decided to finally tell Noel how I feel about her. I'm going to wait for Valentines day, which is Tuesday, to tell her.

She may still be in the Big Brother house, but if she is, I will send her a message and some flowers. She likes flowers.

And if she happens to be out of the house, I will take her out to dinner.

I can't wait..... I just hope she feels the same way.

Wish me luck.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Sorry I haven't posted lately. It is a busy job being a Captain of such a large ship. But I have some time now.... That's why I'm posting.

I have talked to Noel, she misses everyone here. She misses being alone and sleeping in her own bed. She says she even misses me *smiles to self*

I miss her too. I may tell her soon.... Sometime this week. I can't risk having her fall for one of the guys on the show. I just HAVE to tell her..... No more putting it off. I'm not sure she likes me or not... Her last post (she was tagged too under 'Four places you would rather be' and one of her answers was 'with
me'. All she said was that she missed the ship and everyone here INCLUDING me. But she did put down Jomb under that same catergory. I know she still has feelings for him, and I respect that. I also know she don't want to date someone she works with. So I'm kind of stuck..... Do I ask her or not...... What should I do. Well, while I think about it, I'll do this tag thing Jaba sent to me.

Here it is:

Four Jobs You've Had
1)I watched my younger sister while my Mom worked.
2)I helped out my Mom as a housekeeper on another resort ship:The Astro Queen(no longer in operation).
3)Co-Captain of the Sky City,
4)Captain of Sky City.

I'll tell you all about my life on the Astro Queen and the reason it shut down, later. It is a long story and I don't have time tonight.

Four Places You've Lived?
1)Klatooine (My home world).
2)Astro Queen.
4)Sky City.

Four TV shows You Love To Watch?
1)Survivor Tatooine
2)Who's Your Boss.
3)Galaxies Greatest Resorts (someday Sky City will be on there).
4)HoloNet News.

Four Places You've Been on Vacation?
1)Naboo beaches.
2)Watto's Casino and Resort on Tatooine.
3)Skiing on Hoth.
4)Planet Disney.

Four Websites You Visit Daily?
4)Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator's.

Four Of Your Favorite Foods?
1)Smoked Scurrier.
2)Fried Chicken.
3)Babble Berry Pie (Noel makes the best around).
4)Bantha Burgers.

Four Places You'd Rather Be?
2)At dinner with Noel
3)On the beach with Noel.
4)Doing anything with Noel.

Four People To Be Tagged?
Like Noel I will do no tagging.