Monday, August 21, 2006

The End

Continued from HERE

The five of them reappear in Sky City. Sevan and Aziah look at each other with amazement. But before they can say anything they noticed Noel cradling Zebbs body. She is rubbing is head and whispering something to him. His eyes are closed and his body lays limp.

Goku not taking notice at first says. "Whew, that was close!" He then turns and sees Noel holding Zebbs lifeless body. Not sensing any Ki, he kneels down and next to her gently places a hand on her shoulder and says. "Aw man! No...... I'm sorry Noel but I think your Boyfriend is gone."

Noel looks up at him and says. "I know..." She looks back down at him and kisses his forehead. "Good bye, my love"

Goku gets back up and tries to get a hold of the medics, using the comlink Holg gave him. As they wait for the medics to arrive he wonders why Noel is so calm. Here she lost her mate and she is barely crying. Maybe something happened during the teleportation. He knows Noel has telepathic abilities, maybe the two of them joined and said their goodbyes.

He walks to the other side of the room. He seems to be taking this really hard. He can be heard mumbling something. "If only I had been there sooner!" He punches a small cleaning droid in frustration. The droid rolls away beeping angrily. "Opps Sorry!" He says. He then sees Noel get up. She turns and looks directly at him. She walks a couple steps and then passes out, her body falls on the floor. He runs to her.

Sevan and Aziah get to her first, but Goku pushes them away. He picks her up and and cries. "Oh No! Please don't die too!" He can feel her Ki, but it is very weak. He doesn't wait for the medics to arrive, he teleports directly to the medical facility. He runs over to a doctor and yells. "Please help her!" He hands over her unconscious body to the doctor.

As he sits in the waiting room he keeps on thinking *I hope I haven't failed her like I failed Zebb.* Then Holg comes into the room. "I have an urgent message from your home world." He hands Goku the message.

Goku reads it and looks at Holg. "I have to leave, can you please tell me if she is going to live or not?"

Holg just shakes his head and says. "I don't know."

Goku just sighs and disappears.

This is the end.

Friday, August 18, 2006

The Rescue

Continued from HERE.

Noel sit and waits. Several hours pass and nothing happens. She starts to wonder if Jomb got her message and if a rescue crew will come. She thinks about what she will do once she gets home....

All of a sudden she is jolted from her thought. The ship is shaking, it is the attack. Time to get moving. She gets up and stands by the door waiting, for what she don't know. The ship continues to shake violently. She hears metal scrapping metal, stuff is blowing apart. She can also hear the droids outside communicating to one another. Even though it's mumbled she can still sense their distress. Their communication must have been knocked out and must not know what to do. This may be an advantage.

Noel pulls out her blaster, and tries to open the door. It is still securely shut. With a sigh, she waits. Then without warning the ship starts to tilt. Her body slams into the wall. She is dazed and confused, once she regains herself she looks over and seen that the door is wide open. She crawls over to it and looks out. What was once a hallway is now more like an elevator shaft. She is about 100 feet up from what would now be considered the floor. There on the 'floor' lays the droids, or what is left of them. All of a sudden she sees Zebb poke his head out of a door several rooms down. She starts to yell... but is interrupted when the ship starts to settle back down. This time she is more ready because she rolls with the shift. Once the ship is settled she gets up and runs out the door, towards where she seen Zebb. Zebb comes out and sees Noel run towards him. When she gets to him she wraps her arms around him. She cries "I have missed you so much!"

Zebb embraces her and says, "I missed you too." He then pulls her away "We got to get moving, they may send more guards."

"Where are we supposed to go?" Asks Noel.

"I don't know, I thought......" Zebb replies, but is interrupted.

"Sorry were late, that whole tilting thing got us side tracked." Says Sevan as she runs up to the couple.

"Well it looks like it worked out for you guys though." Says Aziah pointing at the guard droids. "Well enough small talk, we have to get out of here. There is some escape pods not to far from here. Hopefully with all that is going on outside we can leave undetected. Plus nobody is going to shoot down some pods. Lets go."

Aziah runs down the hall way and the others follow. They reach the pods only to find that they all have been deployed.

"SHIT... they are all gone." Aziah yells. He thinks for a minute and continues "There should be some on the next floor." He starts to run back down the hallway. As they round a corner they run into some of Kloddos men. All four pull out their blaster. One of the men yells "Hey Aziah what in the hell do you think you are doing?"

Aziah motions to the other three to take cover behind a fallen beam. He yells back "I'm saving my friends."

"What.... you are a traitor then, and you will die along with them." The man yells.

"Not unless we kill you first." With that said he dives behind the beam with the others. Both groups start to fire at one another. As the small group was being driven back and they realized they were outnumbered and out powered. But none of them were ready to give up. And they didn't have too, because out of no where came this man and he starts fighting Kloddos men. He punches one of them into the bulkhead, and that must have scared the others because they take off down the hall way.

This man came up to the small group and introduced himself. "Hey I'm Son Goku, but call me Goku. Who are you?"

Noel senses something in this guy and immediately trusts him. She gets up and says "I'm Noel"

Goku looks at Noel relieved. "I'm here to rescue you. And Um..... is Zebb here?" He asks

Zebb gets up and says. "I'm Zebb." He doesn't know what to think of the guy, and he isn't about fall into another trap. "How are we supposed to know this isn't a trap?" He asks. Noel reached over and takes his hand to try and calm him.

Aziah looks over at Zebb and says. "He doesn't work here. In fact I don't think I've ever seen anything like him before in my life."

Goku smiles. "Heh! I'm from another Galaxy. And...... look out!" He yells as a group of droids and Kloddo's men came around a corner and start to open fire on the group. Aziah and Sevan drop to the floor. Noel, trying to help starts to shoot back. One of the droids has a lock on Noels chest and Zebb sees this. Just before she is hit he pushes her out of the way and the blast hits him full on. He falls to the flood bleeding severely from the wound. Noel screams "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" She then crawls over to him and takes him in her arms.

She looks up at Goku who was busy fighting. He makes some sort energy blast with his hands and fires it at Kloddo's men. It ended just about as quickly as it started. When Goku was done he turned and looked at Noel. She was sitting there holding Zebb crying. He walks over and puts his hand on her shoulder. She looks up and through the tears she asks "What are you...?"

He stops her. No need to be asking questions at a time like this. They need to get out before anyone else was hurt. "Get you friends to hold on to my shoulders. I need you guys to be close so I can teleport you outta here."

Sevan protested a little. "That's Crazy!" She cried.

Goku reassured her. "Look I can do it just hold on to your boyfriend, And you sir put your hand on my shoulder. Miss Noel hold on to him." He says and looks at Zebb. The three of them do as they are told soon they are all standing in the mess hall at Sky City.

To be continued.......

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Plan.

Continued from HERE.

Noel lays in the dark. She has no knowledge of the time or day. All she knows is that the guards have stopped coming in and beating her. And she is slowly starting to heal.

Her mind wanders a lot, she thinks about her past and everything she has lived through. Her many surgeries as a baby, the crash that took her parents but left her injured and alone. Then there was the attack on Neptonian that destroyed everyone and everything while she watched helpless on one of the moons. She spent many years alone on that moon until she was finally able to safely leave. For most of her life she longed for the day to be on the other side with those who left her. But every time she manages to pull through and live on. Now she isn't sure she will make it through this and she really don't want too.

As her mind wanders the door to her room opens. The light momentarily blinds her, as her vision clears she sees three figures walk into the room. She sits up and is ready for what ever they will do. She see one is a young man and he's with two droids. The young man closes the door behind him, he then makes a quick movement behind the droids and the droids fall to the floor. He then runs over to Noel and says "I don't have much time to explain what is going on, the droids will be back on-line in a few minutes." He quickly takes out some bread and a large chunk of meat out of his robe and hands it to Noel. "Here, eat this, I figured you would be hungry."

Noel is unsure of what is happening. But she hasn't eaten in close to two week and her stomach wins over. She grabs the food and starts to eat it hungrily. Through a mouthful of food she asks, "Who are you?"

"I am a friend of Sevans... My name is Aziah, I'm going to help rescue you."

Noel stops eating and says "I don't want to be rescued, I'm ready to die and join my friends and family on the other side." She looks away as her eyes start to tear up.

Aziah looks at her and says "What about that guy that's here with you.... Sevan told me you two are pretty close. I'm sure he wants to be rescued and spend the rest of his life with you."

"Are you telling me Zebb is still alive?" Noel said excitedly.

"Yes he is, actually he from what I hear is doing better then you." He says as he hands Noel a container full of water. "Here is some water."

"That is great, so how do you plan to rescue us?" She then takes the water and starts to drink it.

"Sevan told me about your telepathic link your friend from the outside. If I tell you exactly where we are can you get through to him. I would do it myself but one, I can't get passed the security codes and two, I'm not aloud to leave. You are our only way to reach the outside." He reaches out and touches Noels arm.

Noel shakes her head. "I can't..." She pulls back her hair and shows him the device on her neck. "This..... THING is keeping me from using my abilities"

Aziah smiles and reaches into his robes he pulls out a small devise. He hands it to Noel. "This will over ride the blocker on your neck. All you need to do in snap it on the blocker and it will work. One thing it is programmed to work for a short time only , then it will then shut down. It is basically what I used on the droids." He said as he looks over at the fallen droids.

Noel takes the devise and knowing they had very little time, she asks. "Okay, so are you going to tell me where we are?"

"Ohhhhh Yeah, we are in orbit of Endor."

Noel eyes widen, and she just nods.

Aziah turns and sees the droids are starting to move. "Shit I thought I had more time." He mumbles to himself. He then leans over and whispers "Just get though to your outside friend. And tell him we need someone to attack the ship. This should allow a big enough distraction for us all to leave undetected. And here you may need this, just keep it hidden." He hands her a blaster. Noel quickly hides the weapon, food and water container under a blanket next to her

He turns and looks at the droids as they stand up. He quickly turns to Noel and whispers "I'm sorry, but I have to keep my cover for now." He the grabs Noels face and kisses her. She is taken by surprise but knows it is only an act. He pulls away and yells "You Bitch, you bit me."

Playing along, Noel yells back. "That won't be the only thing I bite. Now leave me ALONE." She pushes him away.

He gets back up and storms over to Noel. He brings his hand back and looks at her, and winks. He brings his hand over fast and seemingly hard, but it barely touches her face. She swings her head with his hand, making the hit seem real. She grabs her face where he 'hit' it and was about to yell something at him. Their eyes met again and he winked. This time he made it look like he kicked her hard in the gut. She doubled over and groaned in pain. He stops and storms over to the droids and says "Let's go, this female is not worth it." As he follows the droids out he quickly takes off the devises he put on them earlier.

Later, Noel uses the devise Aziah gave her to get through to Jomb. She links with him and because of the close proximity she is able to send a message using actually words. She sends him all the information she can, but before he can respond to her message the devise shut down. Leaving her unsure if he got it.

To be continued.......

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Continued from HERE.

Noel wakes up alone and in pain. She doesn't remember much from the past few days. All she does know is she was taken away and placed in a tiny room. A room that has nothing, except a light that only comes on when someone is about to enter. She hasn't had anything to eat and very little to drink since she was taken away.

The only ones that come in are the guards. They beat her until she is unconscious. What they do to her afterward she doesn't want to know.

She has no idea why they are beating her. No one will answer her when she questions them. They only beat harder when she does.

Noel tries to sit up but she finds the pain unbearable. She is only able to raise her hand to her face. She feels dried blood and open wounds. Her fur and hair is covered in dried blood. Her one eye is swollen and sore. Her other eye is protected by metal. She feels inside her mouth, two teeth are missing. But they haven't broken her jaw..... yet. She looks down at her body, all of it is still intact. She slowly moves each limb to make sure it is working properly. She finds that she has wires ripped out on her other arm, she is unable to mover her hand. Luckily there is no pain.

As she lays there she wonders if Zebb is still alive, and if he is in similar or worse shape. She hates wondering and worrying about him, but she can't reach out to him telepathically. She thinks there is a blocking devise making her unable to reach him. This devise also keeps her from communicating with Jomb.

However in her mind Zebb is already dead, and she prays for the day she will be too. Then they will meet in their special place, and be together again.......forever.

To be continued......

Monday, July 31, 2006

The Monster......

Continued from HERE.

Mas Kon led Kloddo to the prisoners. Just as they approached room, Mas Kon says. "Do you want to see them separately or together."

"Separately will be fine. No need for them to see one another."

"Well.... Actually we have been keeping them together."

Kloddo looks over at Mas Kon and angrily states. "You idiot, why do you have them together."

"Well I just thought it would be nice to have them spend......"

"NICE, NICE." Kloddo interrupted Mas Kon. "We are killers looking for revenge, we are not NICE."

"I'm sorry Sir, I....... I promise it will never happen again."

"You got that right." Says Kloddo as he makes a motion with his hand. One of his guards raises his gun and shoots Mas Kon, killing him instantly.

Zebb and Noel her the shot through the door. And pull apart just before the door opens.

Kloddo enters the room, and glares at the two. He motions to the guards to enter and he closes the door behind him. "What do we have here, a murder and his whore. Well I think visitation is over."

Zebb steps forward and places himself between Noel and Kloddo. His blood boils at the sound of the last word. "Don't you DARE call her that."

Kloddo just laughs and says. "I don't think you are in no position to tell me what I can and can not say." He motions to his guards and one of them hits Zebb in the stomach with his gun. As Zebb doubles over holding his stomach another guard hits him in the face. This causes Zebb to fall over, the guards continue kicking at him.

Noel runs over and screams "STOP IT, YOUR HURTING HIM."

"That's the point." He motioned again and a guard grabs Noel and pulls her away. "Take her away and put her in another room." Noel tries to fight the guard but it only ended up with her getting knocked out cold.

Zebb tries to get up off the floor to stop them from taking Noel, but he is only hit and kicked even harder.

Kloddo just sits and watches.

To be continued........

Friday, July 28, 2006

A Secret Place

Continued from HERE.

She turns around and smiles. "I know."

She steps in closer to him and he wraps his arms around her. They stand there holding one another for awhile, knowing that this may be the last time they do.

*Neither of them feel sadness, because they have connected in ways unimaginable to most beings. And this connection will keep them together for all time.

This connection is a joining of two minds. These two minds come together and can make a place like no other. There is only peace and happiness in this place. And this place is where the two minds will go to find on another.*


Kloddo boards the ship and takes command. He tells the control officer to set route for Endor. Then he asks to see the prisoners.

To be continued.......

Monday, July 24, 2006


Continued from HERE.

Noel and Zebb look at one another with a bit of worry in their eyes.

They get up and quickly throw on some clothes. Just as they were getting done the door opens. It is only Sevan with their lunch. They both take a plate and sit on the bed. Zebb starts to eat his hungrily, while Noel just picks at hers.

Once Zebb is done, he looks over at Noel. She has barely touched her food. "Come on, you have to eat." He says.

She looks at him and says. "Honestly, I am not that hungry." He looks down at her plate. She seems to understand that he is still hungry. So she hands her plate over to him. "Here, you can have it, if you want."

"I can't eat your food." He says refusing to take the plate.

"I insist, take it. I'll be fine. My body was made to fast during the mating process, yours is not. Take it, eat." She hands her plate over again to him.

"Well, if you insist." He takes it and continues to eat.

While he eats, Noel looks over at Sevan and asks. "So what is going to happen now?"

"Honestly, I don't know." Sevan answered.

Noel gets up and goes over to the window. She takes notices that the ship is moving. "Where are we going?"

"We are going to pick up Kloddo, from there I don't know." Answers Sevan.

"Can you find out for us, once we stop." Asks Zebb, who has finished eating.

"I'll try, but for now I have to go."

Noel nodded.

Once alone, Zebb comes up behind Noel and wraps his arms around her. He whispers in her ear. "No matter what happens. I will always love you, and I will always be there for you."

She turns around and smiles. "I know."

To be continued...